Playground Emergencies


Our little whipper-snappers can be sneaky! We’ve never lost a child at the playground, but we’ve had a couple play an impromptu game of Hide & Seek that wasn’t so fun for dear ol’ Mom & Dad. Here’s what to do if a parent comes to you unable to find their child:

  • Blow the whistle (located in black Facilitator storage bench) to garner attention in the gym
  • Notify all parents that we’re looking for a child, and to please take their own children by the hand and sit on the benches lining the wall
  • Odds are, the child will quickly be found among otherwise-empty toys
  • If not, go to the front desk and ask the receptionist to make a building-wide P.A. announcement that includes a description of the child (example: “Amy, who’s 3 and wearing a green striped dress”) and asks anyone seeing them to call the desk or escort the child to the lobby
  • If the child is not located after the P.A. announcement, ask their parent to call 9-1-1 and proceed with local police assistance
  • Finally, please remember to use the sign-in tables to create a visual barrier in front of our entry doors, and also to close the storage and classroom doors around the gym during the playground sessions. Thank you!


Our playground is run on Si View Metro Parks property, and we abide by their rules and guidelines.

If one of our participants is injured or involved in an incident that you feel should be documented, please seek an Incident Report Form from the Si View Front Desk. Then…

  1. Fill out the report
  2. Print your full name, date and sign the report
  3. Ask the involved person (or their Parent or Guardian, if a minor) to review and make any recommendations for changes
  4. Once you both agree on the information represented, please have them sign and date the form where indicated, and ask Si View to make a copy for them. The original goes to the Si View Front Desk
  5. If possible, please take a snapshot of the form and email it to us. At the very least, email us. 🙂 This lets the Board know that there was an incident, in case we need to follow up with either the Parent/Guardian or our contacts at Si View

Thank you!