Opening Checklist

There’s no need to have EVERYTHING done before others arrive!Two boys on tandem trike action shot

Signs & safety are first priorities, as noted below.

All other set-up tasks should take place with help from playground visitors. Feel free to direct helpers to the Playscape Map (located on the back of our cardboard table toppers). 🙂

Pri 1 Place tables & table toppers for sign-in/donations

Tables go in a loose L-shape – the sign-in table right in front of the entrance doors,  and the volunteer calendar table topper at a 45 degree angle to the left of that.

Then, put a third table going to the wall just to the left of the entrance doors. This becomes a makeshift “foyer” for incoming visitors with enough space to navigate strollers…and it also creates a visual barrier for Littles who might otherwise run right out the door!

Pri 2 Place 1 mat each across the fireplace and stage stairwells
Pri 3 Put out wooden sidewalk sign
Then… Roll the thin blue mats to Infant and Tumbling sections (use the colored rolling toys as dollies)
Begin to lay out mats according to the Playscape Map
Pull out & place thick blue mats for Climbing section
Pull out the toys & have fun!