Closing Checklist

The 3 “priority” suggestions below could make your day. 🙂 Tumbling section long shot
Please give them a try before you have a “free for all” closing session!

Pri 1 Using a couple colored rollers as dollies, stack 2-3 thin blue mats on rollers and leave them at the end of the tumbling section. Then ask one helper to guide others to stack all blue mats on wheels and roll them to the alcoves next to the stage.
Pri 2 Pile foam blocks on a thin blue mat and have someone drag it to the drawers. Saves a lot of trips, and you have more to work with as you start fitting things in!
Pri 3 Direct your helpers that large ride-on toys (fire truck, Cozy Coupe, Police Car) go in first in the drawers, on their sides.
Other large toys go next (larger foam blocks, slide, smaller bikes, teeter-totters).
Try to put toys for the Infant Play Area in the far right-hand drawer.
Small foam blocks stuff between larger toys.
Count money and place sign-in table stuff in the Facilitator storage bench. Sidewalk sign & table toppers go in far right-hand drawer. Put money envelope in the lock box located inside far-right drawer.
 Thank you!